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1998, IEEE Travel Grant, ISIT98, MIT, Boston.

2000, VATAT Grant for advanced applications for learning technology.

2000, European Community, TMR travel grant, ASI 2000, Bordeaux.

2001, European Community, ASI 2001 grant, San Miniato, Italy.

2001, Scholars’ Visiting Grant, The Ministry of Science Culture and Sport.

1999 – 2003, MAGNET CONSIST Consortium, Principle Investigator.

2005. Minerva Travel Grant for the exchange of graduate students, Principle coordinator.

2005-2006. General Motors Research Grant: ”Weld point reallocation due to robots’ failures" (with Dr. Bukchin Y.).

2005-2006, VATAT Grant for advanced applications of learning technology, Principle Investigator (with Dr. Bukchin Y.).

2008-2009, Israel Internet Association (ISOC-IL) Grant: "Robotics Learning and Control via the Internet," Principle Investigator (with Dr. Bukchin Y.).

2010, Recipient of the SAS Faculty Scholarship.

2010-2011, ISF, "Applications of Data Rich Statistical Process Control via Fractal Geometry," Principle Investigator.

2011 Ministry of Trade and Commerce "Data Mining Applications"

2011-2012, Magneton, "Target Based Modeling of Objects" with NICE Systems.

2011-2012, HuSim Homeland Security, European Community.

2011-2012, Mafat Grant, Anomaly detection applications.

2012 -2014, Learning and mining mobility patterns using stochastic models, with Dr. Eran Toch and Dr. Boaz Lerner.


1988 -1992 Annual Scholarship, Israel Ministry of Education & Sport Tel-Aviv University

1992 B.Sc. Graduate, Magna Cum Laude, Tel-Aviv University

1996 M.Sc. Graduate, Cumulative GPA 4.0/4.0, Boston University

1996,1997 Lambert Charitable Trust Scholarship, Tel-Aviv University

1994 -1998 Graduate Teaching Fellowship, Boston University

2000 Best paper award, IE&M Symposium (Paper: "Design of Control Charts Based on Context Universal Model" with Morag G.)

March 2001, Excellence Distinction in Teaching for 2000, Faculty of Engineering, Tel-Aviv University.

March 2002, Best Paper Award, IE&M Symposium (Paper: "Sequential Robust Design Using Simulation Tools" with Ginsburg H.), IE&M Symposium 2002.

January 2003, Excellence Distinction in Teaching for 2002, Faculty of Engineering Tel-Aviv University.

January 2006, Excellence Distinction in Teaching for 2005, Faculty of Engineering Tel-Aviv University.

May 2006, Best Paper Award on Design of Production Systems, INCOM2006, Saint Etienne, France (Kahan T., Bukchin Y., Menassa R., and Ben-Gal I. "Weld Reallocation In an Automotive Robotic Line Due To Robots Failures").

November 2007, Editor's favorites paper, special QSR Session, INFORMS Annual meeting (Ginsburg H. and Ben-Gal I. “Designing Experiments for Robust optimization Problems: The Vs-optimality criterion, IIE Transactions, 38, 445-461).

March 2009, Best Paper Award, "Visual Analysis of Quality-related Manufacturing Data Using Fractal Geometry, (2009)" by Noa Ruschin Rimini, Oded Maimon and Irad Ben-Gal, Proc. of the 4th Israeli Industrial Engineering Research Meeting, Maalot, March 4-5, 2009.

March 2010. Best Paper Award, "Complexity Reduction versus Information Gain via Targeted Bayesian Network Learning," by Gruber A., Ben-Gal I., won first place at the 16th Industrial Engineering & Management Conference, Tel Aviv, March 23-24, 2010.

June 2010, IIE Best Applied Paper Prize in Quality and Reliability, “Robust eco-design:  a new application for air quality engineering.” by Ben-Gal I., Katz R. and Bukchin Y.

Academic & Professional Activities

1996 – present, professional refereeing for leading research journals, such as The International Journal of Production Research (IJPR), IIE Transactions (all issues), Journal of Biomechanics, Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, IEEE Trans. on Electronics Packaging Manufacturing, IEEE Trans. on Automation Science & Engineering, J. Biosci., Technometrics, Trends in Applied Sciences Research.

1998 – present, Head of the CIM lab, Department of Industrial Engineering, Tel-Aviv University ( Lab web site:

1998 - present Member of MAGNET/CONSIST Consortium. CONSIST HOME PAGE

1999 – present, Board of Directors,  National Bureau of Industrial Engineers Society.

1999 – 2007, Member, Institute for Operation Research and Management Science (INFORMS).

1999, June 21, Chairman, “Industrial Engineering in the 2000’s” sponsored by Tel-Aviv Univ. and the National Bureau of Industrial Engineering Society.

2000 April, organizing committee, “The 11th Conference of Industrial and Management Engineering”, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel.

1999 – 2004, Editorial Board of the journal of "Industrial Engineering & Management / Information Systems" periodical (in Hebrew).

2001 – present, SHILUVIM, Board of Directors, Alumni Association of The Faculty of Engineering, Tel-Aviv University.

2002 – present, Senior Member, The Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE).

10/2002 – 2005, member of the academic committee for social involvement at Tel Aviv University.

2004 – 2005, member of the Faculty admission committee (“ועדת קבלה”). Since October 2005, Head of the Faculty Admission Committee.

2004 – 2005, organizing committee, “The 2nd Industrial Engineering Research Meeting” (IIERM). March 14, 2005, Tel Aviv.

2004 – 2005, organizing committee, “The 13th Conference of Industrial and Management Engineering,” Hotel Intercontinental, Tel Aviv.

2005, Board of Directors, Tel Aviv University Sports Club.

2005 – present, Member of the Israeli Statistics Association (ISA).

2006 – 2007, Chairman, “The 3rd Industrial Engineering & Management Research Meeting” (IIERM), Tel Aviv, March 20, 2007.

2006 – 2007, Chairman, “The 15th National Conference of Industrial Engineering & Management Engineering (IE&M'08)” (approximately thousand participants expected), Tel Aviv, March 10-11, 2008 (forthcoming).

2006 – present, Editorial Board, Trends in Applied Sciences Research, peer-reviewed scientific journal, Academic Journals Inc., New York.

2006 – 2007, a member of the Technical Program Committee for WNC^3: "Wireless Networks: Communication, Cooperation and Competition" (in conjunction with WiOpt2007). Limassol, Cyprus, April 16-20, 2007.

2006 – present, Editorial Board, The Open Applied Informatics Journal, peer-reviewed scientific journal, Academic Journals Inc., New York, USA.

July 2007, Department Editor, IIE Transactions Quality and Reliability in the area of "designed experiments and optimization"

2011-2012, Chair-Elect of the INFORMS Quality, Statistics & Reliability (QSR) Society.

Press Releases

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